Big Animal Encounters for Divers and Snorkelers

Experienced divers and snorkelers know it is possible to have a "big-animal" encounter nearly anywhere in the world - if you get lucky!! However certain locations lend themselves to attracting large species, including the Pacific Ocean waters of the Gulf of Papagayo, Costa Rica near the Grand Papagayo, and Gulf of Mexico in the Caribbean, off the coast from the Allegro Playacar, Grand Xcaret and Royal Hideaway Playacar.

Diving with the Rays in Costa Rica

Guests of the Occidental Grand Papagayo, diving with Rocket Frog Divers in Costa Rica are in a prime spot for seeing white-tip reef sharks, bull sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and diamond sting rays. Though less frequently sited, divers may occasionally be treated to appearance of schools containing hundreds of Manta Rays, Mobula Rays or thousands of Cow-nosed Rays. During certain times of the year, it is also possible to see spinner dolphins, humpback whales, pilot whales and whale sharks.

Diving with the Bull Sharks in the Riviera Maya

Shark lovers staying in the Mexican Riveria Maya can "Dive with the Bulls" winter months from mid November through the end of February when Bull Sharks. Diving with the bull sharks is done in a controlled way and with experienced Instructors from Pro Dive Mexico.

Snorkeling with Whalesharks

Divers aren't the only ones who have a chance to get up close and personal with the ocean giants! In fact, snorkelers who are guests of the Allegro Playacar, Grand Xcaret and Royal Hideaway Playacar, or guests who wish to travel over for the day from Cozumel, have their own unique opportunity to snorkel with Whale Sharks! These magnificent slow-moving filter feeding sharks are the largest known fish in the world.

For several years now, Pro Dive Mexico has been offering a Whale Shark Safari during the sharks annual migration (from approximately June 1 - September 15th. Despite their name, the whale sharks are peaceful animals feeding only on plankton. They are often accompanied by dolphins and gigantic manta rays. To preserve the habitat of these animals Pro Dive Mexico conducts these safaris according to Mexican Government and National Geographic guidelines.

Sailfish Run Snorkel Safari

Pure action awaits during Pro Dive Mexico´s world-class Sailfish Run Safari! Grab your mask, snorkel and fins to meet the world´s fastest fish for its powerful sardine hunt! Pro Dive Mexico´s guided tour starts early in the morning to take you to the deep blue waters beyond Contoy Island in the Golf of Mexico, where Sailfish can be encountered as soon as the water temperature drops during the months of December till March, offering an increased quantity of food in the approximately 23 degree cold nourished water.

Frigate Birds, frequently arrowing down in the water to catch their prey, are our indicators. As soon as we spot a group of Sailfish, we will jump together with a guide to witness this spectacular event. A school of sardines will be strategically pushed and rounded up to bait balls, then slowly approached from any direction, penetrated by the sailfish´s bills smashing each of them one by one to grab the bite, and with their dorsal fins – the sail – up to close their prey in. This event can go on for hours, noticeably reducing the school of sardines until none is left.

There is a great chance to additionally encounter Manta Rays, Whale Sharks and Dolphins.

Tour dates: From December – March on Tuesdays and Fridays (min 6 people)

Arrangements can also be made for guests staying at the Allegro or Grand Cozumel to take the ferry to the mainland for a day long excursions to participate in either of these activities.

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