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Scuba Diving Costa Rica's Pacific Northwest

diving with a whale shark
Diving the Pacific waters in the Gulf of Papagayo is anything but your "average" diving. There is an enormous amount of fish activity to be found among the volcanic rock islets and undersea pinnacles off this coastline. Familiar Caribbean fish species mingle with Pacific Coast and Tropical Pacific varieties unique to the area. The cooler nutrient-rich waters attract enormous schools of fish. Big animal encounters with large pelagics - giant Manta Rays, Eagle Rays and Bull Rays, several species of Sharks and Turtles and Whale Sharks are considered routine.

Anyone who been diving in these waters would agree that the immense quantity of marine life more than outweighs the lower visibility encountered in the area, which is known
swarming fish around pinnacle
for unpredictable currents and upwelling that can cause a five degrees shift in temperature in a matter of feet, as well as the ever-fascinating thermoclines on the deeper dives. In addition to more local dive sites, day trips to the Catalina and Bat Islands offer divers some extra-ordinary adventures.

The Catalina Islands are a rocky outcrop off the coastline where from November through May of most years, Manta Rays swarm to "primp" at cleaning stations in preparation for mating season. Joining them are any number of Stingrays, Barracuda, Whitetip and Bull Sharks and a wide variety of Moray Eels. And that is just the big stuff! The islands are also home to a variety of schooling tropical Pacific and Caribbean reef fish.

Check out this video filmed by Seamus Pender who shared it with Rocket Frog Divers. A great day diving the Catalinas in beautiful Costa Rica!

Bat Islands or Las Islas Murcielago as they are known locally is another island formation further out to sea. The underwater topography and blue-water surrounds of these remote islands makes for an astonishing dive experience. Seas en route to this area can be rough, and high wave action and strong currents often encountered. For this reason it is consider a dive trip appropriate for more advanced divers. In addition to Manta Rays and sharks, there is the option for sighting blue-water fish such as Wahoo as well as mammals including Whale Sharks and the occasional Humpback Whale.

Punta Gorda
red frogfish
and Escorpiones, sister site to Punta Gorda, are a series of other nearby sites with a variety of rock pinnacles and sand channels offer opportunities to find everything from the large to the small: sharks, olive-ridley and giant leatherback turtles to frog fish, sea horses and nudibranchs!

Costa Rica is full of excitement and adventures and the perfect destination to combine your diving trips with rainforest and jungle tours and other amazing activities - all brought to you at the Grand Papagayo by Rocket Frog Divers.

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